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Real Invisalign, Real Doctors, Real Difference.
Don't settle for knockoff Invisalign®.
Your teeth deserve better. Get started for only $49.
Don't Break the Bank
Smile Republic offers industry-leading Invisalign® treatment at 50% less than you would pay by seeing an orthodontist directly. We believe everyone deserves Invisalign® at a price they can afford. $2,699 for full Invisalign treatment and required procedures. It’s that simple.
Smile Republic
  • Real Invisalign Programmed by Top Providers Don’t settle for generic, non-Invisalign® aligners to straighten your teeth. Only proven Invisalign technology programmed by Top Invisalign® Providers can give you the results you deserve.
  • In-person doctor's office visits Companies offering aligners delivered to your home are bypassing one of the most important aspects of safety and straight smile success. Office visits with doctors and trained orthodontic assistants ensure your treatment is progressing in the correct direction while giving you a chance to speak with your doctor about any questions you might have.
  • Real orthodontists performing real orthodontics Both proper diagnosis and development of a treatment plan are critical to the health and safety of every Invisalign® patient. Smile Republic insures that patients are diagnosed by a real orthodontist with experience in creating custom treatment plans.
  • Necessary x-rays & orthodontic records Smile Republic orthodontists provide you with the best smile outcome possible by taking and reviewing orthodontic records including, but not limited to, photographs, x-rays, and, most importantly, an in-person clinical exam. This allows your orthodontist to completely and accurately diagnose your orthodontic situation.
  • Attachments to help move teeth Attachments are small, tooth-colored dots placed on teeth that act like handles to allow clear aligners to grip certain teeth for more effective, more accurate tooth alignment. Smile Republic offers these Invisalign® attachments to all patients who need them at no additional cost.
  • Overcrowding reduction (IPR) Included In order to create more space for proper tooth alignment in the mouths of patients with moderate to severe overcrowding, Smile Republic offers optional interproximal reduction (IPR). During IPR, teeth widths are conservatively reduced or slenderized by an orthodontist during your in-office visit.
  • Digital impressions & whitening At Smile Republic, your dental impressions are included with every plan. We also offer complimentary at-home teeth whitening gel to every patient.
At-Home Aligners
  • Inferior aligner technology At-home aligner companies use generic, old aligner technology programmed by someone you never meet and who's expertise in teeth movement is not proven by Invisalign®, the gold standard in aligner technology.
  • No office visits & pending investigations All patients undergoing orthodontic treatment require examination by a licensed orthodontist. By not examining patients in person, at-home aligner companies practice at an unethical standard of care defined as dangerous and illegal by some State Dental Boards.
  • Self treating may lead to loss of teeth & bone Without in-person care, at-home aligner companies endanger patients who may experience complications. Additionally, requiring the patient to self treat may lead to serious complications such as loss of teeth, gums, and even bone.
  • No x-rays means negligent care Clinical standard orthodontic care requires radiographs and records be taken and reviewed by an orthodontist. Accurate diagnosis and creation of treatment plans is impossible without these x-rays and records which at-home aligner companies do not take.
  • Incomplete teeth alignment At-home aligner companies claim their systems do not need attachments but the reality is that they cannot place attachments on teeth due to their inability to offer in-person doctor visits.
  • Can't handle moderate to severe overcrowding Without interproximal reduction (IPR), the only way to create more room for proper tooth alignment is through widening the dental arches or tooth extraction. At-home aligner companies cannot perform IPR or tooth extraction because both require in-person doctor's visits so they rely on dental arch widening which is limited in its ability to create space. This over-expansion can lead to gum/bone recession or even loss of teeth.
  • Purchased separately At-home aligner companies require you to take your own dental impressions which may be taken incorrectly and should be performed by an orthodontic professional. These impressions can cost up to $95.
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Get Started for only $49
For only $49 you get a consultation with a licensed professional in-person as well as 3D digital scans of your teeth to determine both your eligibility and treatment plan. Once you sign up, that $49 fee counts towards your Invisalign® treatment. Not satisfied with your consultation or it’s determined you aren’t a candidate for Invisalign®? No problem. You’ll receive a full refund*. No questions asked.

*in the event the patient does not show for their consultation a refund will not be issued
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Why Smile Republic
"I can't believe I could actually get real Invisalign for such a low price. My orthodontist was super friendly and always there to answer any questions I had. Definitely recommend!"
Rachel Cohen, 24yo, Santa Monica